Training & Internship


Caribbean Hospitality Management offers a comprehensive choice of training programs, delivered by people from the industry for the industry, who are selected for their specialist knowledge and experience.

Training provides you more than just a competent staff. When you provide training for your employee, you are telling them that they are valuable, what they do is valuable and you want them to succeed.


    • Getting employees to do things right and to do the rights things
    • Team building
    • The development of a comprehensive people management plan
    • Minimization of payroll expenses by the development of techniques and procedures in regard to staff and management scheduling
    • All training content can be customized to suit your specific training needs and all program can be delivered at the venue of your choice

"Travel & Tourism has more points of customer contact than any other industry. It needs a high degree of professionalism and service. To meet these challenges the workforce must be a prepared one"

-World Travel & Tourism Council-