Frequent Asked Questions

  • As a potential investor in the hotel industry, what kind of studies can execute your company?

    Our company for new investors can successfully perform:
    - Feasibility Study
    - Market Research
    - Impact
    - Investment Budget
    - Opening Budget
    - Sales and Expenditure Budgets
    - Equipment requirements of Property

  • What other types of technical assistance and in what other areas could advise?

    - Assessment of the possible location of the hotel project
    - Recommendations on the concept and development of the project
    - Plan Review
    - Analysis of design, construction, "layout" and equipping different areas
    - Recommendations on equipment and purchases
    - Recommendations based decor and product concept

  • If you were an existing hotel and needs a remodel, how CHM can help?

    Our consultants can advise from new decor, designs, furnishings, equipment for lobby, rooms, restaurants and bars, kitchen, bakery, stores, banquet halls, gym, laundry, etc... Including qualified suppliers’ recommendations.

  • In the case of an existing hotel, how does a property-owner can be advised?

    Our company, in order to identify areas of opportunity and improvement of a hotel operation requires reviewing sales and expense budgets, marketing plan, financial statements and subsequently perform an operational assessment, accounting / financial, customer satisfaction ratings to be able to issue appropriate recommendations in order to improve results and profits.

  • Does your company can take a hotel management contract?

    After our preliminary analysis and consulting firm in a period no longer than three weeks can take in any kind of property management.

  • What other programs have?

    We are able to offer temporary administration and managements of six, twelve and eighteen months in order to change the current situation of the property in relation to overall sales, expenses, operating gross profit, implementation of policies, procedures, controls, marketing plans, advertising, organizational structure, salaries and benefits, energy, repairs and maintenance, etc..

  • Can your company assist with selection and recruitment of executive staff?

    Based on the type and location of the hotel allows us to provide general managers, controllers, resident managers, marketing and sales managers, food and beverage managers, executive chef, executive housekeeper, maintenance managers, rooms division managers, IT managers. Logically, the profile and experience of the potential candidate must match the type of property and budget.

  • What other types of technical assistance can CHM offer?

    We provide a wide range of assistance from the implementation of the organizational structure, policy manuals and procedures, controls, job descriptions, creating executive committee, operations, sales and marketing, food and beverage, credit and collections committee, quality control and customer satisfaction measurement, power control committee, health and safety, etc..

  • What other types of businesses in the same industry do you work?

    In any type of hotel property be the city, beach, mountain, conventions, timeshare condominiums, serviced apartments, cruises, restaurants, either in traditional, limited service operation or "all inclusive".

  • What customers/past experience your portfolio have?

    Our consultants bring extensive experience in major international chains of hotels, restaurants, bars, travel agencies and tour operators, government entities, in key destinations within the UK, Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • How does your company estimate the cost of a consultancy?

    A team of professionals will visit your property to identify weaknesses and areas of opportunity. Based on our assessment, is issued a work proposal for operational departments including the number of consultants required; subsequently calculates working hours making a schedule of activities so as to reach the overall project cost.