Consulting Services

We offer consultancy services right from the design stage to operational stage of projects.

Our primary areas of focus are: - implementation of systems, customer service and design of management techniques. [ Read more.. ]


Relief Management

When managers leave, what better time to take advantage of an Interim or Project Manager. The time can be used to maximize operational efficiencies ensuring that the permanent staff can build the business in the right foundation. [ Read more.. ]


Training & Internship

Caribbean Hospitality Management offers a comprehensive choice of training programs, delivered by people from the industry for the industry, who are selected for their specialist knowledge and experience. [ Read more.. ]


Caribbean Hospitality Management Consultancy

Managing hotels effectively is everybody's aim in this industry. This is how we can help your business in improving the bottom-line, customer satisfaction, services offered and bringing out the best of your staff.

Caribbean Hospitality Management Consultancy, a Smart Technology division, is the result of a group of dedicated professionals with different backgrounds of expertise focused in the hospitality industry offers specialist services to independent hotels and hotel/resort chains. The directors own and operate the business and have access to a qualified team of professional consultants. 

We offer sound hospitality and tourism experience, sales and marketing strategy and plan formulation, brand strategy and development as well as product and service appraisals. 

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about how Caribbean Hospitality Management Consultancy can help you, whether opening a new hotel, or improve your existing hotel or hospitality establishment.