Relief Management

When managers leave, what better time to take advantage of an Interim or Project Manager. The time can be used to maximize operational efficiencies ensuring that the permanent staff can build the business in the right foundation.

The objective and nature of this service will allow us to review the operation and resources objectively and efficiently-often delivering great results quickly, without affecting any of the permanent staff relations. We will tailor a package to suit your needs and your budget.


    • The operation continues to function effectively
    • Provides your company with sufficient time to select the right candidate
    • A new pair of "management eyes"
    • Consistent service delivery
    • We avoid involvement in internal politics and therefore remain objective
    • Operational expertise in all areas, including hands-on assistance or mentoring


- Organization: We can bring a fresh perspective to operational and administrative challenges within your business, providing vision and direction to develop positive business opportunities by customizing action orientated plans.

- Hands-on Experience: CHM senior management professionals can evaluate performance, providing strategic information and guidance to enhance revenues and improve profitability.

- Mentoring/Coaching: If you are unable to obtain the right candidate, we can help you to identify in your existing workforce the possible candidate and polish his/her capabilities to perform to his/her peak, benefiting from depth of knowledge and experience whilst retaining a concentrated core organizational structure.