Consulting Services

We offer consultancy services right from the design stage to operational stage of projects

Our primary areas of focus are: - implementation of systems, customer service and design of management techniques. We offer client-specific and cost effective solutions towards setup and professionally managed profit centers.

We also undertake evaluation of existing management policies and practices and offer technical reviews of existing as well as planned projects.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Identification of your staff's training needs
    • Quality Assurance assessments according to written guidelines
    • Restructure of departments
    • Operational guidance in Rooms Division and Food & Beverage
    • Design and implementation of company procedures


- Quality Assurance/Operations Evaluation: We can evaluate the level of service delivered to those guests visiting your property by carrying out and assessment and submitting to you a completed report of our findings.

- Change Management: We can implement a change management strategy for a better re-positioning property product.

- Design of Company Procedures: We can design and provide you with a complete Operational Manual catered specifically for your organization in addition to this, the implementation of an OM can develop the standards within your organization and increase productivity.

- Hotel General Guidance: Staff motivation, employee surveys, advice in staff training requirements, job evaluation, productivity goals, performance appraisal guidance, managing change, assessment of leadership style and managing diversity.

NB: Prior to a visit we may dispatch a questionnaire so as much information as possible is ready for our meeting.